A case report of COVID-19 positive Becker Muscular Dystrophy


  • Lakshmi Prasanna Digala MD University of Missouri Health Care
  • Shivika Prasanna MS
  • Praveen Rao PhD
  • Adnan Qureshi MD
  • Raghav Govindarajan MD




Becker Muscular Dystrophy, COVID-19 infection, Muscular dystrophy.



Becker and Duchenne muscular dystrophies constitute the most common inherited dystrophinopathies. The chronic steroid treatment predisposes them to any infection, hence, we sought to determine the current COVID-19 infection in them. We conducted an analysis on a real-world database to identify the effect of COVID-19 infection and identified a case of Becker muscular dystrophy who tested positive for COVID-19. For our analysis, we utilized Cerner Real-World DataTM that was provided through Cerner's HealtheDataLab research tool.

Case report:

 A 63-year-old Caucasian male with Becker muscular dystrophy, hyperlipidemia, and atrial fibrillation, was hospitalized with COVID-19 infection. Our search revealed June 22, 2020, as the patient's COVID-19 service date when tested positive. The patient received antibiotics and supportive therapy during hospitalization. Intricate details like oxygen requirement, blood gas analysis, and mechanical ventilation could not be retrieved if used. The patient developed complications like sepsis, pneumonia, acute respiratory failure that resulted in prolonged hospitalization. Our data reported that the patient was alive during discharge.


 Although patient developed complications during hospitalization, no death from the COVID-19 infection was observed in our analysis.


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